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Star Screens


Star Screen XSS – Sparta C&D Recycling Equipment
Star Screen XSS – Sparta C&D Recycling Equipment Star Screen XSS Video – Sparta C&D Recycling Equipment

Big Production, Small Footprint

The Star Screener XSS uses specially designed long-lasting rubber stars mounted on a series of high speed rotating shafts to separate and size material. With its optimal screening area and its maximal screening control, the Star Screen XSS lets you benefit from a higher screening throughput and a smaller footprint requirement than the conventional screening technology. The Star Screener XSS design also promotes a higher screening quality and an ultra fast size change resulting in an efficient screening of C&D debris of various sizes. The Star Screen XSS can achieve small sizes in wet sticky condition where other screeners would clog up in minutes, making it the best screener to tackle today’s toughest screening jobs.

Sparta Manufacturing offers a complete line of Star Screens XSS designed to meet every requirement and budget: XSS-4100, XSS-4120, XSS-4150, XSS-4180, and XSS-4200. Contact us today to find out which one is the best for you.

The Star Screen Design

Star Screen Technology - Sparta C&D Recycling
While the C&D fines from the Finger Screen move on top of the star deck, the desired particles find their way between the rotating stars. Larger particles continue along the screen deck and onto the oversize belt. With the Star Screen XSS particle sizes can easily be changed simply by increasing or decreasing the speed of the rotating shaft with the control panel mounted variable frequency drive (VFD).

Features and Benefits

  • 40” wide and different customizable lengths (10’, 12’, 15’, 18’, 20’)
  • Single or double drive system
  • Chain drive system on one side, therefore offering easy maintenance
  • Staggered chains and sprockets, coupled to gearmotor(s)
  • Tapered bushing sprocket, again offering easy maintenance
  • Customizable spacing in between stars, therefore offering the possibility to screen different sizes or particles
  • UHMW Side Plates are installed to reduce wear and to prevent material from sticking to sides
  • Low footprint
  • Stackable configurations (2 units)
  • Optional overspeed cleaning system
  • Optional mechanical cleaning system
  • Optional triple seal bearing
  • Stubby finger star design to reduce spiking
  • Stars are made out of natural rubber (60 durometer)
  • Adjustable sizing by varying speed of rotating shafts through variable
    frequency drive
  • High quality screening
  • High capacity screening


  • C&D fines (0 – 2’’)
  • Wood mulch
  • Peat moss
  • Ground wood
  • Compost



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