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Finger Screens


Finger Screen XFS - Sparta C&D Recycling Equipment
Finger Screen XFS - Sparta C&D Recycling Equipment Finger Screen XFS Video- Sparta C&D Recycling Equipment

A Heavy-Duty Screener Designed to Handle
the Most Challenging C&D Debris.

With its STAGGY™ staggered finger deck design, the Finger Screen XFS-6200 and XFS-5160 are engineered to provide a greater screening area than the conventional finger deck single plane design giving them the highest screening capacity per footprint of the industry! The Finger Screen XFS offers three separations in just one pass and promotes a better separation of the material.  These units effectively shear and spread the waste stream, resulting in a steady flow to the sorters on the main line, and to a density separator on a medium line.

The Staggered Finger Deck Design

Finger Screen XFS - Sparta C&D Recycling Equipment
The positioning of the fingers in a staggered fashion increases the screening area giving the Finger Screen XFS
a higher screening capacity per footprint than any other screener in its class. This design also drastically increases the probability that the smallest particles will find their way through the fingers.  The staggered finger deck design also reduces the spiking of commonly found debris such as dimensional lumber and concrete reinforcement bars.

Features and Benefits

  • Dimensions of 74” wide and 20’ long.
  • Offering a 7/8” thick side plate (total robust design) in opposition to 3/8” on the competition scene.
  • Drive of 50 HP.
  • G Force of over 4 G’s.
  • Operates with v-belts, which are simple and easy to source parts.
  • Grizzly impact area: (Direct feed option) 3/4″  thick abrasion resistant plate.
  • Vibration with ½” throw; motion allowing optimal segregation of product.
  • Fewer cross braces between the two decks in order to reduce risks of bridging.
  • 16” clearance between housing and lower deck, offering the most clearance between top deck and bottom decks on the competition scene, and therefore allowing for material to flow freely between top and bottom deck, and preventing bridging of material.
  • Arched along the length of the screen box in order to distribute the product over the entire lower screen deck
  • Side tensioning system to facilitate changing and tensioning of screen meshes.
  • Use of oil bath instead of grease for lubrication, therefore easier to start in cold weathers and drastically less maintenance.
  • AB50-2 twins, in opposition to AB50 on the competition scene.
  • Easy maintenance with all drive components accessible from the same side.
  • Largest capacity per footprint of the industry.

Top Deck

  • Top deck open area of over 40%.
  • Cascading fingers to help increase fine separation.
  • Tapered fingers to promote self relieving of C&D materials.
  • Variable pitch on top deck cross channel in order to control material speed over C&D screener.
  • Vertically staggered finger design allowing more open area thus more screening capacity.
  • Abrasion Resistant impact feeding area (tapered fingers).
  • Proprietary bushing design that yields optimal contact between the fingers and the bushing.
  • Staggered fingers design allowing shearing of materials and reducing potential spiking of wood and re-bar.

Bottom deck

  • Bottom deck offers an open area of over 65%.
  • 2 to 3 separations in one-pass, allowing separation of alternate daily cover, medium and overs in one equipment.
  • The bottom deck tensioning is accessible from the outside surface.


  • C&D debris
  • Landfill & Mining




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