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C&D Recycling System Upgrade – C&D Recovery Inc


Sparta Upgrades C&D Recovery’s Single Line System in Maryland

C&D Recovery Inc. turned to Sparta Manufacturing to upgrade the production and recovery efficiency of its single line C&D recycling system installed in the mid-2000’s.

For sorters to recover the most recyclables, the presentation of the material is the key.

And to ensure a uniform flow of debris at a manageable burden depth on the Sort Line, Sparta made 2 major upgrades to C&D Recovery’s system:

  • First, Sparta added a low feed height steel Z-pan Apron feed conveyor to regularize the flow of C&D debris to the screener.
  • Next, it replaced C&D Recovery’s direct-feed screener with a high action 6’x 20′ double deck Sparta Finger screener, where all 240 square feet of screening surface is now utilized.

This new front-end Sparta equipment discharges directly onto C&D Recovery’s existing Sort Line, and reuses the customer’s original fines conveyor and its original screen’s support structure.

“The Sparta team prides itself on providing the least amount of equipment to make the largest operational impact”, says Howard Fiedler, Sparta’s sales manager for its C&D recycling division.

When you improve feeding & screening, your sorting, recovery and profits all gain! The proof is in the pudding.

C&D Recovery’s System Upgrade Installations Pictures

C&D Recovery Inc - New Sparta Apron Feeder & Finger Screener Feed Existing Sort Line & Conveyors
C&D Recovery Inc - Sparta Finger Screener 620 Mounted on Customer’s Existing Base Structure
C&D Recovery Inc - Top Deck Self-Cleaning Stepped Grizzly Finger Screens
C&D Recovery Inc - Sparta Apron Feeder & Finger Screener
C&D Recovery Inc - Self-cleaning Grizzly fingers on top deck, mesh screens on bottom
C&D Recovery Inc - New Sparta Front-End Feeding Balance of Customer’s Single Line C&D System
C&D Recovery Inc - Double-deck Sparta Finger Screener XFS 620
C&D Recovery Inc - Before System Upgrade; Directly Fed Screener
C&D Recovery Inc - After System Upgrade; Conveyor-Fed Sparta Finger Screener




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