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About Us

Innovative Recycling and Transformation Solutions

With a wealth of equipment design and manufacturing experience spanning over 35 years, Sparta Manufacturing has built upon its reputation for innovation and service excellence to become a leading provider of Construction & Demolition Recycling Systems. The company designs and implements integrated solutions for a growing range of North American customers, including landfill owners, transfer stations, roll-off companies and recyclers.  Our wide experience in the C&D recycling industry has led us to excel in other industries such as Mulch, Peat Moss and Compost Processing Equipment, Material Handling and Custom Equipment Fabrication.

At Sparta we credit our success to the continuous effort our team members make to improve, develop and nurture every area of our business, as well as the emphasis we put on forming pro-active partnerships with our clients to meet & exceed their long-term goals.

Proven Technology, Proven Approach, Proven Support

At Sparta we hold a strong belief that each customer deserves the best: the best equipment and the best project experience. Our team of experts strives for complete customer satisfaction and goes above and beyond to keep our customers worry-free throughout the project.

Our approach is a simple one: take the full responsibility of the project and take the workload off of our customers’ desk. We place the utmost importance on respecting project budget and timelines while efficiently communicating all aspects of the project to each customer. Rigorous project management and engineering paired with unparalleled professionalism is our way to ensure that each customer experiences a perfectly orchestrated project. At Sparta we cherish long-term relationships with our customers, and know this can only be achieved through transparency, fairness, and exceeding customer expectations. Customer satisfaction and associated endorsements are our ultimate gauge of success.

At Sparta, a successful project is measured only by complete customer satisfaction. Our customers do not settle for less and neither should you. Contact Sparta today!


CDRASparta Manufacturing is a proud member of the Construction & Demolition Recycling Association.




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