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Density Separators


Density Separator XDS - Sparta C&D Recycling
Density Separator XDS - Sparta C&D Recycling Density Separator XDS Video - Sparta C&D Recycling

Higher Recycling Rates, Lower Landfill Costs

With its built-in ON THE FLY™ electrically control wind speed, the Density Separators XDS (XDS-2000 and XDS-3000) let you optimize your heavies, woods and ultra lights separation. Letting you increase recycling rates and reduce landfill costs.

Features and Benefits

  • 26.5’ x 60’’
  • Double air knife, short stroke
  • Offering 2 – 3 separations
  • 12200 CFM fan
  • Adjustable wind gates
  • Natural frequency two-mass: one mass is used to drive a second mass.
  • Low HP requirements (up to 2/3 less as a single mass), therefore reducing energy consumption.
  • Vibration absorbed by quiet dampening rubber technology.
  • Vibrating feed allowing better distribution over air knife.
  • Fluidized bed optimizing light separation.
  • Access to wind box on both sides and access underneath.
  • Adjustable product landing plates at both air knife.
  • Required decantation chamber over ultra lights conveyor (not included).


  • C&D mediums (2’’-8’’)
  • Wood tailings
  • Ash / metal




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