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New C&D Recycling System – Dane County


Sparta and General Kinematics Join Forces on Dane County’s New C&D Recycling System

Dane County expanded and transformed their transfer station into a state of the art Construction and Demolition (C&D) recycling facility. To provide the engineering, design, manufacturing, integration, installation, and start-up of their turnkey C&D recycling system, Dane County tapped Sparta Manufacturing, a leading North American supplier of recycling systems for the C&D waste industry.

In an innovative public/private partnership, Dane Country contracted with Landfill Reduction And Recycling, Inc. (LRRI), an experienced WI-based C&D waste management recycling company, to operate the County’s C&D MRF for the next ten years.

As Sparta Manufacturing is first and foremost a system integrator, regularly integrating equipment that they either do not build or which customers like LRRI already utilize elsewhere, Sparta happily integrated into its Dane County system, General Kinematics’ FINGER-SCREEN™ and DE-STONER® Air Classifier / Density Separator. Based and manufactured in Illinois, this GK advanced vibratory technology equipment will reliably screen and separate the commodities for this C&D processing system.

This synergistic relationship suited all parties involved, and played to the strengths and interests of Sparta and General Kinematics alike, commented Howard Fiedler, North American sales manager for Sparta. ‘The Sparta team likes doing the system-wide engineering; manufacturing all of the conveyors, sort lines, platforms and steelworks package; and installing the system with our own crews. And GK is happy when its FINGER-SCREENS™ and DE-STONERS® are at the heart of the system.’

This dual-line Sparta recycling system was sized and configured to optimize Dane County’s building configuration/traffic flow, and to maximize product recovery from its up to 350 tons per day of C&D waste. It was designed to capture, through a combination of mechanized equipment and labor, the following products: clean wood, mixed aggregates, metals, cardboard, shingles, and fines (alternate daily cover).

By splitting the flows onto 2 main (A & B) processing lines, sorters on the overs ’A Line’ are able to most efficiently pick the desired commodities. Special tipping hoppers are provided behind select sorters on the tip floor side of the Sort Line, for sorters to additionally pick small volume/valuable commodities like copper, wire, aluminum, stainless steel etc

And this allows the ’B’ Line to mechanically process the middles fraction, through a combination of mechanical processes – ie. in-line magnet to remove ferrous metals; GK FINGER-SCREEN™ to remove fines; and GK DE-STONER® Air Classifier to help capture mixed aggregates. Sorters after the Air Classifier pick desired recyclables from the ’lights’, and a quality control/sorter removes the miscellaneous non-aggregate ’heavies’ so that clean aggregates directly convey into the aggregates bunker.

Sparta supplied a PLC-based electrical control panel with an Allen Bradley 15” HMI (touch-screen) display. This centralized computer touch-screen interface is remotely located in an operator tower, allowing the operator to see the whole system while operating it. Sparta technicians are able to remotely connect (via an Ethernet connection) to the system’s control panel to help trouble-shoot the system.

The Dane County C&D Recycling MRF will be fully operational by late January 2016. Sparta Manufacturing is a leading supplier of recycling processing systems for the construction and demolition waste, solid waste, and green waste industries. More information on General Kinematics equipment can be found at

See Dane County C&D Recycling System in Operation


Dane County C&D Recycling System Installations Pictures

Dane County C&D Recycling System - Tipping Floor
Dane County C&D Recycling System - In-feed C&D Debris
Dane County C&D Recycling System - Primary General Kinematics FINGER-SCREEN
Dane County C&D Recycling System - Overs Transfer Conveyor
Dane County C&D Recycling System - 'A' SortLine
Dane County C&D Recycling System - Transfer Conveyor
Dane County C&D Recycling System - Magnet
Dane County C&D Recycling System - Middles Processing Line
Dane County C&D Recycling System - GK Secondary FINGER-SCREEN
Dane County C&D Recycling System - General Kinematics DE-STONER® Air Classifier / Density Separator De-stoner with Air Box
Dane County C&D Recycling System - Support Structures
Dane County C&D Recycling System - Dust Collection
Dane County C&D Recycling System - Lights & Heavies Take-Away Conveyors
Dane County C&D Recycling System - Sort Lines
Dane County C&D Recycling System - Concrete Bunker Walls Under Sort Lines
Dane County C&D Recycling System - Product Bunkers




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