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Award of North America’s Largest, Most Highly Automated C&D Recycling System

Cooper Tank Recycling

Sparta Manufacturing is proud to announce the recent award of a state-of-the-art, automated 100 ton per hour C&D recycling system from Cooper Recycling, a leading New York City-based recycler.

Serving the construction & demolition industry in the New York metropolitan region for over the past thirty years, Cooper Recycling currently processes 1,250 tons of C&D debris, tipped by over 200 trucks, every day.

Cooper’s roots in the C&D industry date back to the late 1950’s, when Cooper Tank & Welding Corp. began manufacturing of containers for the haulage and disposal industries.

To fulfill Cooper Recycling’s vision of increasing its daily production, improving its recovery efficiency, capturing a wider range of recyclables through increased levels of automation, and reducing its proportion of waste going to landfills, the Cooper team turned to Sparta Manufacturing.

Sparta Turnkey C&D System Equipment Lineup

Sparta is providing the overall system design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of Cooper Recycling’s C&D recycling system. Sparta is manufacturing all conveyors, sort lines, and steelworks, and is integrating specialized processing equipment into the system: General Kinematics’ advanced vibratory technology Finger-Screeners™ & De-Stoners®; SSI Shredding Systems’ low speed shredders; Green Machine’s Green Eye® optical sorters; AEI Screening Solutions’ bivi-TEC® screens; Dings’ Magnetic Separators; & Steinert’s Eddy Current Separators.

This system configuration/design/equipment selection was the result of extensive collaboration between Cooper Recycling’s operations management and Sparta’s Engineering & Operations teams, drawing on well over 100 years of combined C&D recycling system experience. Every key component was repeatedly challenged, to ensure optimized performance in what will likely be North America’s largest, most highly automated, state-of-the-art C&D recycling system.




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